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Long gone are the days of Battling disputes out in Courts for years, accumulating astronomical legal fees while becoming emotionally drained in the process.  The outcome remains in the uncertain hands of the court with the judgement/award given by a “complete stranger”.  

Luckily civilisation and the legal environment is changing to a more modern approach which is in fact as old as time.  This is to talk things/dispute out and agree to disagree on compromising and reaching an agreement within a day.  This agreement can be made an order of Court, and the terms thereof can be enforced. 

We at Eben Louw Attorneys have an absolute passion for resolving matters in the most amicable and mutually beneficial way possible.  We act as a neutral third party to manage negotiations and/or facilitate discussions in solving the conflict between parties in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere where you stay in control of the outcome.  

Should the mediation negotiations fail, nothing prohibits any party to follow the normal litigation route.

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